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NCC Chiefs Meeting, January 2, 2020 at Station 20, Holloway Terrace
Thursday, January 2, 2020

The New Castle County Chiefs Association Meeting was held at the Holloway Terrace Fire Company on Thursday, January 2, 2020.

President Dwayne Pearson reconvened the meeting after a delicious meal prepared by the Ladies Auxiliary of the Holloway Terrace Fire Company.

This month presentation was by NCC Chief of Technology and Administrative Service, Mike Hojnicki who spoke about the laptops used by the fire companies will need to be upgraded to Windows 10 by January 14th or they will not work on the County System.

President Pearson advised that the County Loaner Ambulance Contracts for 2020 need to be received by next months meeting.  Dues are due before the March Meeting.

Operational Issues:

Chief Joe Day of the IRP Committee brought up 2 operational issues to be voted upon this evening.

The Replacement Apparatus Zone Policy

This policy will cover the procedure for dispatching staffed replacement companies versus utilizing a company’s hierarchy. A map approved by the New Castle County Chief’s Association will be developed to divide the County into four zones.

The four zones will be divided by an east-west boundary and the zones will be numbered 1 through 4. When dispatching replacement apparatus, the map will be utilized to determine which companies will be dispatched.

Staffed apparatus will be dispatched when they are in the same zone as the fire or in an adjacent zone. If there is no staffed apparatus in the zone the fire is located or an adjacent zone, Fireboard will dispatch as per the home company’s hierarchy.

A motion was made and second to adopt the Apparatus Replacement Policy.  Passed Unanimously

Large Animal Rescue Response

Animal response Protocol – Kent County Special ops and OAW – the committee is recommending we add the following to the 53 A3 Citizen assist/Animal Rescue Card

Level 1 Fire Company Dispatch, with NCC Special Operations HACSR and Collapse Trench Teams notified and USAR13 Response.

Notification of Kent County 911 for Dispatch of Station 51 and LAR1 Trailer and KC Special Ops

Notification of OAW Dispatch for the closest Animal Control Officer, Dept. of Ag personnel (if needed) and Vet (if needed)

Initiate a question of the caller whether they have a Vet responding or require a Vet to respond; if this is know early in the incident, the rescue/recovery and care can be more efficient and safer for all responders.

A motion was made and second to adopt the Large Animal Rescue Response.  Passed Unanimously

Discussion held on the Carbon Monoxide Alarm Policy of dispatching the next due BLS.

A motion was made and second to rescind the policy of dispatching the next due BLS on all Carbon Monoxide Alarms.  Passed Unanimously

Next meeting will be at Station 27, Volunteer Hose

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