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NCC Fire Chiefs Association Meritorious Award
Thursday, July 7, 2016

Good Will Fire Company Chief Chris Robinson submitted the following members for recognition by the New Castle County Fire Chiefs Association.

Deputy Chief Keith Stockman, Assistant Chief David Majewski Jr., Firefighters Drew Outten and Frank Schoeffler were recognized for their Meritorious Actions for a River Rescue during a severe thunderstorm on June 5, 2016 at  17:40 hours.

During a dangerous and powerful storm cell Station 18 received a land line call to the station advising them of an overturned sailboat with 2 people in the water in the Delaware River opposite the wharf in Old New Castle. 

Firefighter Drew Outten took the information from the caller and advised the caller to call 911 and told them they were responding.  Firefighter Outten shared the information with the members in the station and Deputy Chief Keith Stockman advised due to the severe weather conditions that a seasoned crew would be needed.  Firefighter Frank Schoeffler was appointed boat operator, Deputy Chief Stockman boat officer, Firefighter Outten as rescue swimmer and Assistant Chief David Majewski Jr. as backup swimmer.  

18 Marine 1 encountered low viability, high winds, large waves and a strong tides but arrived on scene in the channel confirming sailboat overturned and two people clinging to the stern of the sailboat.  18 Marine 1's crew determined that they would have to deploy into the river to rescue the rescue the person in the water.

Firefighter Outten entered the water swam to the victims and retrieved the female victim in which a throw rope was deployed and both Firefighter Outten and the female were safely brought back to 18 Marine 1.  Once the female was safely secured, Firefighter Outten again swam to the overturned sailboat and retrieved the male subject back to 18 Marine 1.  With both subjects on board and weather conditions still rapidly deteriorating conditions 18 Marine 1 made its way back and both patients were assessed by BLS.

Conditions that presented that afternoon left little room for error and were done at great personal risks as no other rescue resources were in the water to assist.  The crew made no hesitation about responding in these dangerous conditions.  

Congratulations to Deputy Chief Keith Stockman, Assistant Chief David Majewski Jr., Firefighters Drew Outten and Frank Schoeffler on being recognized with this Meritorious Award.

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