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NCCFCA 2013 Meritorious Service Award
Thursday, July 11, 2013

At the combined monthly meeting of the New Castle County Volunteer Firefighters and Fire Chiefs Associations on July 11, 2013, the Chiefs Association presented their Meritorious and Heroic Firefighter of the Year Awards.

Firefighter / EMT Timothy Moore, Firefighter / EMT Frank Schoeffler and Firefighter / EMT David Majewski Jr. of the Good Will Fire Company, No. 1 were recognized by the Chiefs Association for their Meritorious Service on May 21, 2013 for their response to a reported vehicle explosion. 

Good Will Fire Company Chief Richard "Chris" Robinson wrote: "Upon arrival of Engine 18-3 the crew was advised by New Castle City Police that an explosion had occurred and they were not sure what the cause of the explosion was.  At that time the crew noticed a male subject lying on his back in the front yard of the residence in need of emergency care.  The crew not knowing what possible dangers they might face responded to the male’s side, where they noticed multiple traumatic wounds from head to toe on the victim.  At that point the crew realized they needed to rescue this person from the area.  The crew quickly bandaged the most traumatic wounds, placed him on oxygen and removed him from what was then being called The Blast Zone.

The male victim was then transferred to an awaiting BLS & ALS unit.  The victim was transported and treated at Christiana Hospital within the "Golden Hour".  The male subject was seriously injured after what was determined by Dover Air Force Explosive Experts and the New Castle County EOD Unit, to be a 40mm shell that had exploded spraying the victim with shrapnel.  He remained hospitalized for several days and was later released.  Explosive experts combing the scene found 11 more unexploded 40 mm shells throughout the day.  This lead to the evacuation of about 30 homes in the area through the evening.  Crews remained on the scene for approximately 13 hours.

Therefore, on behalf of Chiefs Association President John Rudd and the committee, the New Castle County Fire Chiefs Association are proud to present to Firefighter / EMT Timothy Moore, Firefighter / EMT Frank Schoeffler and Firefighter / EMT David Majewski Jr., this recognition of Meritorious Service Award for their actions on May 21, 2013.

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